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Mobile Cranes
Easy-to-move cranes due to full traction, both on the road and in the most difficult terrain Ideas for any type of work or site.
Crawler and Rough Terrain Cranes
Cranes for long-lasting and difficult-to-service services.

Tracked cranes are still widely used for port services, foundations or pile driving.

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Boom Trucks

Equipment suitable for moving and lifting various equipment on site, as well as places with working height limitations.

This equipment allows the transport and unloading of equipment without the need for additional transport.

Used to transport various large tonnage equipment.
Ideal for transporting poles, beams and other oversized materials.
Ramps Trailer
Used to transport mobile equipment that can access the ramps.
Equipment suitable for transporting scrap and other loose materials.
Suitable for long haul transportation and palletized loads.
Boom MEWPS (Articulated and Telescopic)
Equipment with possibilities for indoor and outdoor work.
Existing in Telescopic or Articulated Boom strands, it also allows to circulate on different types of pavement.
Vertical MEWPS (Scissors and Masts)
With possibilities for indoor and outdoor work, these devices allow in many situations to reach small spaces due to their small size and easy mobility.
Telescopic Forklifts 

Forklift trucks with a range of reach capabilities and handling on all types of terrain.

It has several accessories, allowing great versatility of work.

Conventional Forklifts
Ideal for loading, unloading and handling of various types of equipment.
We also have several options for indoor and outdoor work.
Rough Terrain Forklifts
Equipment suitable for loading, unloading and moving equipment on uneven terrain such as construction sites or yards.

About Us

TRANSGRUA was founded in 1973, initially dedicated exclusively to the rental of cranes, and the works carried out at the Sines complex are some of the largest and most relevant in our early stages.


We can say that during these years, the company was present in all economic activities, increasing its presence in providing services in most of the main work done in Portugal.


TRANSGRUA is a equipment rental company specialized in lifting and moving loads and people, as well as in cargo transportation of various sizes and weights, always with professionalism and maximum safety.


By renting our equipment you are free of maintenance, staff training, certification and storage costs, always using the most appropriate and current equipment for each situation.


In Portugal, we are based in Passil, and we also have 4 delegations, located in Porto, Pombal, Sines and Algarve.


Internationally, we are present in Angola and Morocco.




We have sales teams capable of proposing the best commercial solution for your needs, quickly and efficiently.

Technical support

Our technicians provide free, uncompromising customer support, helping you find the best solution for the job at hand.


We have technical teams always ready to provide adequate maintenance to the rented equipment.


By choosing our equipment, you can count on the support of our technical office to prepare the plans necessary for the proper execution of your project.

Certified Training Center

Increasingly, proper training in machinery and work equipment is a key factor in business productivity and quality, and is a corporate responsibility under the current legal framework.


As TRANSGRUA is a work equipment rental company, it is essential for us to support our customers in obtaining these resources and capabilities.



In this sense, we have developed a department to respond exclusively to this need, composed of highly qualified technicians and trainers.

Why Transgrua?

Present in the lifting machinery and equipment market for over 40 years, TRANSGRUA has a fleet of the latest machine models.


Our daily presence on the ground, and the continuous monitoring of technological developments, guarantee the most up-to-date and complete formative content on the market.


These factors, together with our team's know-how, make our actions truly dynamic and added value for the efficient performance of the workers attending our courses.


Our focus is to provide our trainees with effective knowledge by providing them with useful tools for optimizing their work performance.



For that, we have created the possibility of build on-demand courses, able to meet the most specific needs of our customers.


Quality vocational training enabling better resource management.


In our experience, a course directed at the trainee's particular activity allows for identification with the contents, ensuring a higher level of interest and absorption of the contents, reflecting on the good fulfillment of the previously established objectives, and consequently, on the decrease of the content. risk of accidents at work.








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